[13/30] my prolapsed chakras

my prolapsed chakras
enlightenment overdose
oozing with colour

[12/30] chirrups

fall asleep in one year,
wake up in another
i’m a sucker for inertia
it gets me every time.

sometimes this island feels like an island
the wind goes to 11
today can pretty much blow me.

there’s a busy world
on a busy street
outside this slow quiet home.
i’d rather be playing carcassonne.

yesterday i went a full day without music,
just to see if i could
if you’re lost in the woods with dog,
just follow its shit trails homeward.

cynicism saves lives.

congratulations maskwacis 
on officially ridding yourselves 
of the hobbema legacy.
not sure how I feel about w.p. kinsella.

i don’t think it’s such a good influence 
on people to have mr. cohen telling us 
there is crack in everything. 
it could turn into trouble.

violent shades of happiness.

i can only handle talking to robots
on the phone for so long
before going batshit crazy.
what do blueberries and açaí berries
have against oxidants anyway?

it’s not dark outside, just morose.
who needs a lunar eclipse when
you can have overcast wind instead?

if there’s no such thing as a free lunch
i’m currently living a lie
in a hotel room with no bible
waking up to rage against the machine
impotent rage is really the best kind
—it can’t reproduce!

here comes the hotstepper
there are few things more unsettling
than having a leper give you the finger

gravity, wow.

[11/30] Emotions Redux

If you were successful in growing emotions this summer,
storing emotions for winter is the next step to take.

Emotions are good keepers.
Mostly canned or pickled for winter storage,
very young emotions are good frozen.
Also, fresh emotions are easy to store
using some “old-fashioned” ways if you have a root cellar
or a similar cool space in your house.

[10/30] Emotions

The usually deep red roots of emotions
are eaten either grilled, boiled or roasted.
A large proportion of the commercial production
is processed into boiled and sterilized emotions.
The green, leafy portion of emotions is also edible.
It is most commonly served boiled or steamed.
Emotions can be peeled, steamed, and then eaten warm with butter as a delicacy.

Pickled emotions are a traditional food of the American South

Emotions can also be used to make wine.
Emotions are an excellent source of folate
and a good source of manganese.
One preliminary study showed that ingestion of emotions
reduced blood pressure in hypertensive individuals.
Basic research on both rats and pilot studies on humans have shown
emotions may protect against liver disease.
In preliminary research, emotions lowered blood pressure,
and thus may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
One study found positive effects emotions may have on human exercise performance.

Within older bulbs of emotion,
the colour is a deep crimson,
and the flesh is much softer.

From the Middle Ages,
emotions were used as a treatment for a variety of conditions,
especially ilness relating to digestion and the blood.

"Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine" Free To Download



Now with nifty new cover by Kevin Colden!

I wrote a book about my life in Comics in 2009, called “Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine.” Sold a bunch of copies, then let it fall into obscurity. I was actually trying to bury it, because I thought/learned that speaking your truth as a woman was probably the dumbest action one could take in one’s comic book career. And in the years since I wrote the memoir, I tried to stay on the positive side about Women in Comics. That perhaps things would—and was—only going to get better.

But it has not gotten better. My news/Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr feed is regularly stocked with stories about how it is not getting better. I mean, there are a number of publishers who are really responding to female talent, like BOOM! Studios. But as a whole, women are still woefully under-represented in “mainstream” comics, and stories of sexual harassment of females at publishers, by creators, at conventions, and so on continue and continue and continue.

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[9/30] when you call me dick face

when you call me dick face
i try to peel my lips back
like a foreskin, smiling
and find myself impotent
—at a loss for words


NEW BOOK! Coming soon.
Illustrations by Henry Raul YuWords by Ian Keteku


NEW BOOK! Coming soon.

Illustrations by Henry Raul Yu
Words by Ian Keteku

[8/30] A meditation on Gibran 83 years after his passing

when a prophet dies
does the future feel farther off
or do we inch closer to it?

[7/30] oh my stars

that little train engine
is just noise, Pearline

we all wear cloaks over our eyes
to block the darkness of this world
still the light gets in
sometimes tiny pinpricks
sometimes in a wash

it depends what is
competing to be seen

stars become
streetlights become

we can’t rely on tracks
to guide our locomotion
as we navigate existence
in these bodies

the sky
is an infinite map

[6/30] some birds

some birds walk
some herds flock

some birds squawk
some boards nock

some birds mock
some nerds rock

some birds cock
some guards stalk

some birds cock
some turds shock

some birds mock
some beards lock

some birds squawk
some words talk

some birds walk